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A place for developers to find articles on aspects of C programming, at all levels of skill.
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All about the C Programming Language
This is a detailed look at the Programming Language C

Best Practices for C Programmers
This links to a set of guidelines published by IBM that are offered as suggestions to help C developers.

C for Beginners
C for Beginners- Learn about C, what it's for, how it compares with other computer programming languages and how to get started programming.

Collections in C by Armin Ronacher
An article on how to use macros and the C Preprocessor to create a collection library to hold typed values in an expandable list.

Installing and Running CC386 C Compiler and IDE
This two page article provides instructions on how to Install and Run the CC386 C99 compiler and IDE

CUDA C Programming Guide

CUDA, short for Compute Unified Device Architecture is a parallel programming framework by NVIDIA. CUDA gives developers access to the virtual instruction set and memory of the parallel computational elements in CUDA GPUs. Using CUDA, the latest Nvidia GPUs become accessible for computation like CPUs. This is NVIDIA's extensive cross-platform documentation and toolkit.

List of Hash libraries for C Programmers
A list of hash libraries for C programmers

Linux C Style Guide as written by Linus Torvalds
This is the style guide written by Linus Torvalds to help developers write and layout C programs with some degree of readability and consistency. many of the ideas in it come from Kernighan & Ritchie.

Getting Started with SCons
Getting Started with SCons

Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Banned Function Calls
Microsoft has cleaned up their C development by creating a list of insecure function calls that they no longer allow. This includes a header file to help you identify and remove these from your applications.

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