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Star Trek Game Conversion

A 30 year old Star Trek game written in Palo Alto Tiny Basic is rewritten in C, C++ and C# to demonstrate code conversion techniques and let readers experience the joys of porting. This is an ongoing project and readers are invited to submit changes and enhancements.

Star Trek Game Conversion Project
This project is a work in progress with the conversion of a 30 year old Star Trek game written in Tiny Basic into C, then C++ and C#. readers are invited to download the project files, and improve on them and share the improvements.

Original Zip File For Tiny Basic Star Trek Game
This will download a zip file containing the original Star Trek Basic game from 1976 along with documentation and a PC interpreter for Palo Alto Tiny Basic.

C Source Code For Star Trek
This is the C Source code, converted from the Tiny Basic version.

C# Version of Tiny Trek
Programmer Mark A. Malo did a C# conversion of the C TinyTrek here. You can download this from his website. That code and site are gone so I substituted this from codeproject.com by Michael Birken instead.

Star Trek Conversion Article from C to Non STL C++
This describes the changes, made in converting the existing C code into basic C++ without using the STL. The re-architecting, refactoring and other design decisions are explained.

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