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Reviews of Software - Tools, Compilers, Editors etc

Read reviews of Development Software, Toolkits, libraries, compilers, editors, build systems and Version Control Systems.

What's new and different in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2012 Professional
A review of the new items in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional Edition from the point of view of a C++/C# developer

A Detailed Review of Visual C++ Express Edition
A detailed review of Visual C++ Express Edition

Review of SlickEdit 2009 for Windows
A rveiew of the latest version of SlickEdit 2009

SlickEdit - Programmer's Editor
Review of SlickEdit programmers editor

Software Review of Visual Build Pro 6 by Kinook Software
Software review of Visual Build Pro 6 by Kinook Software

Jetbrains Resharper 5 Review
A review of Jetbrains Resharper 5, an addin utility for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010

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