1. Technology

Development Projects from Initial Design to Completed Code

Each project is a complete application with notes on the requirements, design, architecture, coding and final project review. With full source code in C, C++ or C#.
  1. Cardgame (1)
  2. Ongoing Challenges (24)
  3. Poker Harness (1)
  4. Star Trek Conversion (5)
  5. The Eliza Project (1)

Open Source Projects in C / C++/ C#
A List of my favourite Open Source Projects

What Games Should be in the Tutorial?
To help with the poll, and decide What games should be written for the Programming Games Tutorials

Kinect for Windows - Overview from a development Perspective
Kinect for Windows - Overview from development Perspective, a look at the Kinect hardware, software and features

A project to convert old Basic Games into C,C++ and C# Open Source
A project to convert many of the Basic games into C,C++ and C# from the two Creative Computing books written by David Ahl in the 1970s.

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