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Welcome to About.com's free C++ programming tutorial This C++ tutorial features a series of lessons designed to teach you the basics of C++ programming.

If you are completely new to programming read these articles first to give you an idea what is involved.

There is a lot to learn in C++ programming but take it one step at a time and you'll get there. Plus you can ask on the forums or email me if you get stuck. Don't feel overwhelmed.

If you haven't done so, please check out the requirements before you start this tutorial. You will need a C++ compiler and there is a choice of three free compilers on that page.

If you are unfamiliar with compilers read about compilers and interpreters.

C++ Programming Tutorials

First Encounter. This covers compiling your first program and getting famiiar with how to manipulate numbers. Then we move onto getting data in and out of your program. If you have read the C tutorials then you'll have an idea what this involves. Although C and C++ are similar in many respects there are a number of differences and I'll cover these as I come across them in each lesson.

Basic Lessons

Learn how to compile C++ and learn about ints, floats and comments.
About Input and Output using cin and cout.
Learn about numbers in C++, ints, floats, doubles and enums.
About expressions, consts, include files, type conversions and operator precedence.
Learn about Pointers in C++, and new and delete operators
Learn more about Pointers - Creating linked lists and using function pointers.
Learn about C++ Strings - How to manipulate text safely and efficintly.
Learn About random access files with fixed and variable length records.
Learn About text files with fixed and variable length records.

Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials will start to stretch you. One of the main features of C++ is classes and that's what the first advanced lesson looks at. This is followed by references, one of the nice features of C++.

Advanced Lessons

Introduction to C++ Objects and Classes.
Learn About References in C++.
All about constructors, default constructors, copy constructors and assignment operators.

As you progress, take a look at the Projects and see if you can learn anything from then. Or, if you have a project you'd like to see, email me and suggest it. Anything is fine so long as it's in C, C++ or C#, and you own it or its public domain or open source and other site visitors will get something out of it. You can also find some great examples of open source in the C++ code library.

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