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Instructions for Downloading and Installing Visual C# 2005 Express Edition


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Download Visual C Sharp 2005 Express Edition

Download the 3Mb file. This is a small download but it is the first part of a much larger set of files so don't attempt this unless you have a DSL or faster Internet connection.

You should include the MSDN 2005 Express Edition in the download unless you have done this already for the Visual C++ download. If you have already downloaded that then you may already have this. It contains projects, source code and help so it has to be downloaded, but only once!

You don't need SQL Server 2005 now but it will be useful in the future. It can be downloaded at a later stage.

The total download is 339Mb with the .NET 2 framework and MSDN or 30Mb for just the C# Part. You might want to do this early in the morning for faster download speed.

You won't need the Platform SDK now but you might find it useful in the future.

Now start the download.

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