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About Applications in C#
For a bit more color, add these two lines before

             Console.BackgroundColor = ConsoleColor.Yellow;

Different Types of Applications

The three main types of application that can be written in C# are.
  1. Winforms - Windows like Forms.
  2. Console - Command line Input and Output.
  3. Web Sites.
Web sites need IIS (Microsoft's web server) and ASP.NET. For now we'll stick with console applications and in later lessons both Winforms and ASP.NET.

Manipulating Data

In the rest of this lesson we'll look at variables, types and classes. No matter what type of application you are writing you need somewhere to store data. This data can be numbers, text or even digital media like a graphical image or music file. The CPU doesn't care what we think the data represents- it just sees it as byte sized numbers in memory. It's what we tell the CPU to do with the data that matters.

The lessons have been learnt with languages like C that when you relax how your program handles data then it gets harder to write correctly functioning programs. Strict type checking means the compiler is more likely to find a fault while the program is being developed instead of a user finding the fault when running it. It's much cheaper (and less aggravating!) to fix faults during development than in a deployed application.

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