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Some you may not have heard about


Sites like sourceforge.net have an enormous number of open source projects and they're not the only sites. So this page is a short listing of open source projects that readers have written in and told me about.

  • You'll find other projects mentioned on the blog before.

Readers Open Source Projects

  • ActiveRecord Ruby Library reimplemented in C++. This is a relational object mapping library.

  • Qxmpp is a cross-platform C++ XMPP client library. XMPP is an instant messaging protocol. If you wanted to write Google Wave client applications in C++ you might use this as Google Wave uses an extension to XMPP.

  • XULWin : Windows native Xul implementation. Xul is the XML User Interface Language used in Mozilla Firefox for creating dialogs, input boxes etc. GUI design is much faster and more fun with XUL, XULWin apps are small, fast, and have a native look and feel and easy to integrate with your existing C++ code.

If you are working on an open source project in C, C++ or C#, write and tell us via Email cplus@aboutguide.com with the subject line Open Source Project.

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