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This contains links to games written in C# with Source Code

a C# 4.0 Port of Frotz to .NET
This is a raw port of C-code to C#, so all of the Z-machine code is internal static, it uses a WPF front end with fixed-width and proportional fonts, can play all of the Infocom games, including the graphics ones, although the graphic font will not display correctly. It implements all features of Frotz, including hot keys, transcripting and record & playback of commands.

ASCII Demon Attack
Ascii Demon Attack is a text mode game running in a Dos console (i.e. text mode in the Command Prompt window). It runs in full-screen 160×50 resolution with 16 colors.

BrikWars - Fighting Battles with Lego bricks
Based on the BrikWars rules from www.BrikWars.com, Players build custom toy armies and maps from building blocks, and then battle the computer or other players. This is GPL'd and uses XNA.

ChessBin Chess Game Starter Kit
ChessBin is a Chess Game skeleton that displays chess pieces in three different sets and validates moves. It can also calculate all moves for every chess piece on the board. All you do is write your own chess engine.

Compiling Space Trader with Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
The Space Trader game was written in an earlier version of Visual C# and has a few easy to fix errors when compiled under Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition. This article describe show to fix those errors.

ExoEngine 3D Game Engine
An open source C# 3D game engine for Microsoft .NET based upon OpenGL and NVIDIA's Cg

HuoChess Micro-Engine in C#
A very small console chess game that is a port of the C++ version. it's free and fully open source.

MonoGame - XNA for Other Platforms
MonoGame is a free OpenGL implementation of the XNA Framework for MonoTouch, MonoDroid, Mac OS X, Windows & soon Linux. The intention is to let XNA developers on Windows & Windows Phone 7 to port r games to the iPhone / iPod / Android / Mac OS X and Linux (Not yet) easily.

Nintendo gameboy Advance Emulator in C# 3.5
Currently in Beta though very usable (no game ROMs though) this is a working Nintendo GameBoy emulator.

Open Source C# Game Web App
Dutch web design company Q42 has open sourced their Multiplayer engine is a lightweight, generic multi-user solution that lets developers create their own browser web apps. The included sample chat implementation (written for demonstration purposes) uses less than 100 lines of server and client code combined.

Open Source Game - Space Trader
Space Trader is a game written completely in C# that emulates (without the 3D graphics) the classic game Elite. To be able to compile this with Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, read the article. Compiling Space Trade under Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition

Open-Ra - Open Source Command & Conquer Red Alert Clone
OpenRA is an Open Source reimplementation of Command & Conquer: Red Alert with bots playing enemy commanders and multiplay with over 1,600 game splayed. It tries to follow the spirit of the original game, while modernizing the interface and using more powerful graphics processors. The emphasis is on the multiplayer experience, but it might support a single-player campaign at some point.

Pitfall - Old Atari Game in C#
This is a bit different. It's the old Atari 2600 console (from the 80s) game of Pitfall written in C# 3.5 but running in an ASCII console. It also uses a screen buffer (text console) which is a neat bit of code.

Quest5 Interactive Fiction System
Developed in a mixture of C#/VB.NET by Alex Warren, Quest (Now up to version 5) Quest lets you create interactive fiction games – you can make text adventure games (like Zork, or The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and gamebooks (like the Choose Your Own Adventure books). Game can be played anywhere – in a web browser, downloaded to a PC, or even turned into an iPhone or Android app.

RunUO - A C# Ultima Online Server Emulator
RunUO is a project to create and maintain a freely available Microsoft .NET based Ultima Online server. The goal of the RunUO Software Team is to provide software that is scalable and capable of recreating the EA Games server environment.

SharpDx - Fastest DirectX implementation
SharpDX is a full DirectX framework for the .NET Platform, including the newest DirectX technology and provides the latest DirectX and Multimedia API to .Net, is ready for next generation DirectX 11.1 technology and Windows 8 Platform. Now you can start to develop DirectX Metro style Apps in C# under Win8. A fast interop makes this the fastest DirectX for managaged code.

SharpRobots - A Crobots (in C#) Combat Game

Still a work in progress, developer Fred Rosenbaum is developing a C-Robots type game where your program controls a robot whose mission is to seek out, track, and destroy other robots, each running different programs. Each robot is equally equipped, and up to four robots may compete at once.

SilverSprite - Convert XNA Games to Silverlight 2
Run XNA games without code changes in Silverlight 2 using SilverSprite. It only supports SpriteBatch based graphics only, there's no 3D. Since the game compiles into straight Silverlight 2 code, it will run anywhere that Silverlight 2 can.

Terrarium2 - Predator Prey Simulation
In Terrarium, developers create herbivores, carnivores, or plants and then introduce them into a peer-to-peer, networked ecosystem for a survival-of-the-fittest type competition.

To let you write Arimaa playing Bots
This is a C# game engine for the game Arimaa. The Arimaa name is a registered trademark, and the Arimaa game is patented.

Voxeliq - Game Library

Inspired I'm guessing by the likes of Minecraft, Voxeliq is a block engine that can be used to develop block based worlds with any type of games you can imagine. Sandbox games, RPG’s or even RTS games within a blocky world!

Zombie Simulator
A simple GUI based simulator this shows a city with the inhabitants being attacked and converted into zombies. This is a classic example of a Predator/Prey simulation that you can stop and inject or remove additional humans or zombies.

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