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Free E-Books for C++ Programming

This is a collection of links to free E-books (either in html or PDF) on C++ Programming.

Boost C++ Libraries Ebook

Complimenting the Boost library is the Boost C++ Libraries ebook written by Boris Schäling. The original printed book was translated into English and this is it online. There's a newer printed version though that is little out of date but both online and printed versions are excellent for getting started with Boost

C++ A Beginners Guide by Herbert Schildt
This is a 12 chapter book on C++ Programming by well known author Herbert Schildt. The book is in XPS format which can be viewed in Internet Explorer 6 or by the free download viewer (linked on the page).

C++ AMP Open Specification
C++ AMP (Accelerated Massive Parallelism) is a native-programming model that provides an easy way to write programs that execute on data-parallel hardware such as graphics cards (GPUs). This link is the download pdf of the 135 page specification.

C++ Programming
A work in Progress e-book on Wikipedia. If you feel competent enough, why not contribute to it?

From C++ to Objective-C
Written by Pierre Chatelier (original in French is available) and translated to English by Aaron Vegh, this is a 50 page PDF that looks at the many aspects of Objective-C, compared to C++ notions. If you are a C++ developer this may help you in adapting to Objective-C.

High Integrity Coding Standards for C++.
High Integrity Coding Standards Version 2.4 (this may change) is a free 75 page PDF that provides one such set of standards for C++. It's a pretty comprehensive document ranging from classes, control flow, constants, declarations through expressions, functions, memory management, STL and templates. You can request this to be sent by email on the site.

Industrial Strength C++
A downloadable PDF (in Zip or GZIP form) this is over 200 pages in 15 chapters on techniques to make your C++ applications more robust. It covers objects, naming conventions, memory, oop, error handling and even parts of C++ to avoid! First published as a book in 1997 this is still very relevant today.

Lockheed Martin JSF C++ Coding Standards
This document is the Coding standards required for the Lockheed Martin JSF C++ development. It provides direction and guidance to C++ programmers so they employ good programming style and proven programming practices leading to safe, reliable, testable, and maintainable code.

Open Data Structures - C++ Data Structures
The Data structures covered in the book include stacks, queues, deques, and lists implemented as arrays and linked-lists; space-efficient implementations of lists; skip lists; hash tables and hash codes; binary search trees including treaps, scapegoat trees, and red-black trees; integer searching structures including binary tries, x-fast tries, and y-fast tries; heaps, including implicit binary heaps and randomized meldable heaps; and graphs, including adjacency matrix and ajacency list representations; and B-trees.

Optimizing C++ Published by WikiBooks
This book is aimed at readers already familiar with the C++ language, who want to use it to develop high performance application software or software libraries. Almost all the optimization techniques presented are platform independent, and therefore there will be few references to specific operating systems, processor architectures, or compilers.

Optimizing software in C++
This is a 155 page PDF manual is for advanced programmers and software developers who want to make their software faster. You should have a good knowledge of the C++ programming language and a basic understanding of how compilers work. The recommendations are for the x86 family of microprocessors from Intel, AMD and VIA including the 64-bit versions.

Programming Pearls - 2nd Edition
Learn about choosing the right algorithms and how to solve problems effectively. Each chapter covers a programming task: sorting numbers, anagrams, or word counting. The author's experience helps describe how to arrive at a solution quickly. The code examples are written in C and C++.

Technical Report on C++ Performance
This looks at efficiency in C++. It gives a model of time and space overheads implied by use of various C++ language and library features, to debunk widespread myths about performance problems, to present techniques for use of C++ in applications where performance matters, and to present techniques for implementing C++ Standard language and library.

Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition Bruce Eckel's Classic Book
Bruce Eckel has published over 150 articles and several books such as Thinking in C++ (1995) and the 2nd edition (2000). This book is a legitimate free download and this page lists many sites that carry it. The mindview.net appears down so I've changed links.

Visual C++ 6 Unleashed
Visual C++ 6 Unleashed provides a detailed coverage of the main topics in Visual C++ 6 programming. You will be able to program 32 bit Windows (2000, and XP) in Visual C++. It includes debugging, HTML help, creating custom AppWizards, writing add-ins for the IDE, multi-threaded MFC applications, NT services and much more.

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