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Free E-Books for C# Programming

This is a collection of links to free E-books (either in html or PDF) on C# Programming.

A Collection of Free C# E-Books
An article with links for five free C# E-Books.

C# 5.0 Specification

From Microsoft, this 511 pages .docx (You need MS Word or something that can read docx files) is the official specification for C# 5.0.

C# Programming for Beginners
Learn how to write and compile C# programs, understand C# syntax, types, classes and their members, interfaces, arrays, and exception handling.

C# Programming Yellow Book by Rob Miles
The Department of Computer Science in the University of Hull provide a free C# programming book for their First Year programming course. The PDF of this is available free and there; the 2012 version of the book, has yellow flowers on the cover. There's also a blue book on Windows Phone Programming and an orange Java to C#, all courtesy of Rob Miles, lecturer at the University.

Design Patterns for Searching in C#
Aimed at the experienced C# programmer, this book presents a simple object-oriented interface to many of the classic combinatorial and graph searching algorithms.

No prior experience with these is necessary and many solved problems and applications are presented. The source code and algorithm library are available as a 700Kb download at http://www.lulu.com/content/2008403

Free C# Game Programming Webcasts
An eight-part series of bit size PDF files providing instructions and associated source code/executable archive downloads showing how to program simple games using DirectX and C#.

Programming Windows Phone 7 in C#/Visual Basic.NET
Written by veteran author and programming guru Charles Petzold, Programming Windows phone 7 is a free 1,000 page tome, clocking in at nearly 40 MB PDF download plus 5 MB more for zipped up source code. Aimed at experienced C# developers, it shows how to create applications in Silverlight or using the XNA 2D framework. The download link page also has links to the create.msdn website where you can get free tools for Windows phone 7 development.

Threading in C# - Free E-Book
Joseph Albahari, author of the O'Reilly published C# 3.0 in a Nutshell has published a free 75 page E-book (in PDF) on threading in C# his website. You can read it online or download the E-Book.

What's the difference between Silverlight and WPF?
Two XAML platforms WPF and Silverlight are both XAML based platforms with important differences between the two. This is a whitepaper detailing what is similar and different between the two platforms as well as how to code to get as much reuse as possible.

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