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A Code Library for iPhone Objective-C Applications

This is a library for Objective-C applications for the iPhone and Ipod Touch 2.

An Application a Day for 31 days
These 31 applications are being published to help developers who are learning to program the iPhone. Each application is a standalone app. A download of the source code, graphics and resources for each app is provided in a zip file.

Bing Maps for iPhone SDK
The Bing Maps iOS Control is an Objective-C control for embedding maps directly into native iOS apps. With a rich, gesture-based UI provided by Seadragon, the Bing Maps iOS Control provides support for adding pushpins and other overlays to the map, allows your device location to be displayed, and provides the ability to retrieve contextual information for a given map location. Note: You will have to

DosPad - DosBox for iPhone/Ipad
This was available from teh App Store but was withdrawn, however the source code is available. It's an implementation of the DosBox (Dos Emulator) for iPhone/iPad that lets you run many Dos games and applications.

Free The Postcode, an iPhone App for UK Residents
An application in the App Store with source code by UK developer John McKerrell that lets UK residents (and anyone on holiday in the UK), obtain their latitude and longitude and submit it, along with their postcode to the Free The postcode campaign.

Google APIs Client Library
This supports recent Google JSON APIs, including Tasks, Latitude, Books, URL Shortener, and others. It's processor and memory efficient suitable for iOS applications. The library includes high-level Objective-C interfaces and classes for each service, that were generated from the Google APIs Discovery Service. This lets the library model data as generic JSON dictionaries, and also with first-class Objective-C 2.0 objects with properties for each field, letting developers take advantage of Xcode’s code completion and syntax and type checking.

iOS Boilerplate - Speed up iOS Development
iOS Boilerplate is intended to provide a base of code to start with, but is not a framework. The intention is fr it to be modified and extended by the developer to fit their needs. It includes third-party libraries to save reinventing the wheel.

Molecules Source Code
Molecules is a free iPhone application that renders complex molecules using openGL on the iPhone and uses touch to rotate and zoom in. New molecules can be downloaded from the RCSB Protein databank. The author has provided the full project and source code as a download.

Oolong - C++ Game Engine for the iPhone
Oolong supports OpenGL ES 1.1, floating point Maths library, numerous texture formats including the PowerVR 2-bit, 4-bit and normal map compression formats, Touch screen, Accelerometer, Text rendering to support a basic UI, Timing: several functions that can replace rdstc, QueryPerformance etc, memory manager and much more.

OpenTTD for the iPhone
As converted by iPhone developer Zod, this is the classic open transport Tycoon Deluxe was submitted to the App Store and was there for a while but at a request from the openTTD team was withdrawn over a question about licensing.

PixelWave 2D Framework for iOS
Pixelwave is a framework for iOS that simplifies developing 2D games and other interactive applications. It provides an Objective-C API that lets you avoid low-level code without giving up the power of using OpenGL and OpenAL. Pixelwave comes equipped with useful utilities such as a particle engine, physics engine, tweening engine, debugging tools and more.

PuffPuff - iTunes released open source
PuffPuff is now at version 1.1 in the App Store but version 1.0 has been released completely as open source including graphics and sounds. It's based on the open source Cocos2D library for iPhone which incorporates ChipNumk and Box2D physics engines. Note unless you have openFeint integration you need to comment out 4 symbols or it will not build.

Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK
Produced by Qualcomm's Austrian Research Center, it allows you to develop apps with computer vision technology that can align graphics with printed surfaces and simple 3D objects, and includes support for multiple development tools including Eclipse (Android™), Xcode, and Unity royalty-free development and distribution.

Simutrans - Open Source Transport Game
Converted from the original open source desktop game Simutrans this is the iPhone port. It's also in the App Store as a free App. It was ported by the same developer who ported openTTD to the iPhone.

Sparrow is a pure Objective C library targeted on making game development as easy and hassle-free as possible. Sparrow makes it possible to write fast OpenGL applications without having to touch OpenGL or pure C (but easily allowing to do so, for those who wish). It uses a tried and tested API that is easy to use and hard to misuse.

Sudoku Solver with OCR
In the App store but also Open SOurce, this Sudoku solver reads a Sudoku optically (using the OpenCV library) then slves it. You need Xcode 4 to build it.

Wolfenstein for iPhone
The link is an FTP download (which Firefox and IE should manage). This includes the full project, source and all game data for the iPhone Wolfenstein game. The source code is GPL but the game data isn't and so can't be used. (Read the readme_iWolf.txt file).

WordPress Open Source iPhone App
This application lets you use WordPress (the well known blogging software and website) from your iPhone. You need to use Subversion to fetch the source code.

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