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Code Library for C, Objective-C, C++ and C#

The Code Library with source code for all examples and free downloads for this topic.
  1. Code Library for C (168)
  2. Code Library for C# (139)
  3. Code Library for C++ (191)
  4. Code Library for Mac OS X (6)
  5. Code Library for iPhone (17)
  6. Source code for Chess Engines (3)

Free Online or Downloadable C# Ebooks
A list of free ebooks, either online or downloadable.

Internet Communications Engine for many platforms and programming lanhguages
Dual licensed (GPL or commercial), ICE (Internet Communications Engine) is a distributed computing platform with support for C++, .NET, Java, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, and PHP and is used in many mission-critical projects by companies all over the world. There are also IDE addins for Eclipse, Visual Studio and Xcode.

Mud Servers in Under 16K of Source Code
These are a collection of at least six C/C++ MUD (Multi User Dungeon) servers that are each 16 Kb or less.

Nasa's Home Grown Open Source Collection
This is a collection of open source written in C, C++ and other languages that you can use, modify, even sell or redistribute, so long as you retain the OSI software agreement.

Source Code for Doom 3
This is the Source Code without the copyrighted assets (graphics), but if you have Doom 3 (available from Steam), you can then modify it. It's made up of C and C++ code plus some other languages for building it.

List of 3rd party Widgets Toolkits In C/C++
This is a list on Wikipedia of third party widget toolkits. Not just Qt and wxWidgets but nearly 20 in total.

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