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Text String - Definition of Spreadsheet Terms
Usually text strings begin with a letter of the alphabet, but in many spreadsheet programs any data entry that has been formatted as text is interpreted as a string.
Truncate Text Strings - Truncate Text Data in Excel - Spreadsheets
Jan 31, 2011 ... Excel's LEFT function can be used to remove unwanted characters from imported data or truncate text data. This tutorial includes a step by step ...
Clean Up Imported Data in Excel with the MID Function
Text - (required) the string containing the desired data. ... Start_num - (required) specifies the starting character from the left of the string to be kept. Num_chars ...
Combine Cells of Data in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Jan 30, 2011 ... To add a space between the concatenated data we will add a space to line Text 2 of the dialog box using the space bar on the keyboard.
Excel RIGHT Function to Truncate Text - Spreadsheets - About.com
Sep 22, 2007 ... The RIGHT function is used to truncate text strings in Excel by removing unwanted characters from the right side of a data entry. This tutorial ...
Excel CONCATENATE Function - Spreadsheets - About.com
The CONCATENATE function is used to join two or more words or text strings together. This tutorial includes a step by step example of using Excel's ...
Strings to Numbers - JavaScript - About.com
How to convert text strings to numbers in JavaScript.
JavaScript Variables and Operators - About.com
One thing that can be confusing to beginners is that JavaScript uses + with text strings to mean something completely different from what it means with numbers.
PHP String - Programming String - Text String
Definition: In programing a string is a sequence of letters, numbers or symbols. Although it can contain numbers, a string does not represent a numeric value ...
Text Functions - Excel's Text Functions - Spreadsheets - About.com
Excel's Text Functions help you manage the text data in your spreadsheets. ... words, at the beginning or end of sentences, or between strings of characters.
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