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List of Executable File Extensions - PC Support - About.com
Note: This is not a complete list of executable file extensions, ...
Executable file extensions - Antivirus - About.com
By default, Windows does not have file extension viewing enabled. This allows virus writers to distribute executable files disguised as something non-executable  ...
Basic Linux Operations FAQ - About.com
The first possibility: I did not type the name of the executable correctly. Check the case--Linux is case sensitive! For example, typing "Pico" or "PICO" will not start ...
Example uses of the Linux Command find - About.com
... for their owner, and group, but which other users can read but not write to. ... on write bit set (-perm /222 or -perm /a+w) but are not executable for anybody (!
file - Linux Command - Unix Command
The canonical example of this is a binary executable (compiled program) a.out file, ... ASCII, ISO-8859-x, non-ISO 8-bit extended-ASCII character sets (such as ...
find - Linux Command - Unix Command
-maxdepth levels: Descend at most levels (a non-negative integer) levels of ..... on write bit set (-perm /222 or -perm /a+w) but are not executable for anybody (!
How To Disable Data Execution Prevention for Explorer.exe in ...
Since not all software and hardware fully support DEP, it can often be the cause of certain system issues and error messages. For example, the ntdll.dll error is ...
Dir II Virus - Antivirus - About.com
DIR-II can be disinfected by renaming all executables to non-executable extensions while the virus is active, then booting clean and renaming them back.
tcsh - Linux Command - Unix Command
Non-login shells read only /etc/csh.cshrc and ~/.tcshrc or ~/.cshrc on startup. ..... word in PATH and, if it is found, replaces it with the full path to the executable.
EPUB File (What It Is & How To Open One) - PC Support - About.com
Maybe someone emailed you an EPUB file but you're not sure how to use it. ... See my List of Executable File Extensions for a listing of file extensions to avoid ...
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