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Relational Databases, Normalization, and SQL - C/C++/C - About.com
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) provides an API based interface to databases. There are ODBC drivers available for just about every database in ...
Using MySQL Database with Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a universal way of accessing data in databases. Originally databases had their own software drivers and moving data  ...
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Definition
Definition: Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a common framework for accessing and altering the contents of databases. It allows developers to use the  ...
How Can I Fix A Database Connection Error?
Some common problems that can occur when trying to connect to a MySQL database, and give errors.
Beginning Perl Tutorial - Installing and Using MySQL - About Perl
Now that we have a database to connect to, let's look at how we access the information from our Perl programs. The following is a simple script that connects to ...
How to Connect to MySQL From a PHP Document - About.com
You can open a connection to your MySQL database from PHP using the mysql_connect() function. Here is an example:
How to Connect to MySQL From a PHP Document - PHP/MySQL
How to connect to your MySQL database from a PHP document.
Connecting to a database. BDE? ADO? - DB/2 - Page 1/4 - Delphi
Chapter two of the free Delphi database online course. How to connect to an Access database - the UDL file? Looking forward: the smallest ADO example.
Store MySQL Connection Code in One PHP File to Reuse
When you have many pages requiring access to your MySQL database, it is a good idea to keep your connection login in a separate file, and call it from each of  ...
Constructing the Database Connection String Dynamically at Run ...
When creating Delphi database applications that are to be run on various machines, the connection to the data source should not be hard-coded in the ...
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