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XWT - A cross Platform .NET UI Toolkit

By July 29, 2013

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Xwt is sort of like WxWidgets etc where this one open source library lets you write GUI code for different environments. In this case it's a C# library for WPF or GTK (using GTK#) on Windows, Cocoa engine on Mac (using MonoMac) and GTK on Linux.

There's quite a comprehensive set of wudgets, virtually everything you need (labels, checkboxes, buttons etc), all inheriting from Xwt.Widget. Here's a look at the simplest program.

using System;
using Xwt;

class XwtDemo {
    static void Main ()
        Application.Initialize (ToolkitType.Gtk) ;
        var mainWindow = new Window (){
            Title = "Xwt Demo Application",
            Width = 500,
            Height = 400
        mainWindow.Show () ;
        Application.Run () ;
        mainWindow.Dispose () ;
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