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By October 11, 2012

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One of those true stories. I'm sure this happens to other people as well but today it happened to me. I've been working on a biggish project, making some old software connect to the database via Kerberos. This is a protocol developed at MIT. Instead of logging into the database with user name and password, you specify the name of an external authentication server and Windows passes in your login to that server and it provides a token, valid for 24 hours that allows your software to connect and login to the database. That all works nicely though debugging it initially was fun; I have to run Visual Studio up from a batch file after it loads various dlls, to allow the Kerberized connection when debugging.

I've also been removing (from almost 100 sql files) create table statements as it was specified that no longer could the process create tables while accessing the database. They had to be pre-created up front and the software process was allowed to issue truncate tables instead. This was supposed to be enhanced security- only production staff could create the tables initially with a 1,300 line SQL file that I provided (basically I'd extracted all the Create tables and create indexes sql).

So I get it all working and the regulators say oh we've changed our mind, you can create tables dynamically now... d'oh.

However, have no fear. None of this stuff ever gets into tutorials!

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