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A Boid Simulator

By May 3, 2011

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Boid Software screenshot

Boids are either New York avians or a form of artificial life simulated on a computer. First devised by Craig Reynolds in 1986, the idea was to simulate the flocking of birds. Great flocks of starlings or other birds can dive and swoop together without crashing into each other. Other creatures flock such as a herd of buffalo or even human crowds.

To simulate flocking there are three rules that have to be obeyed. Entities avoid getting too close to neighbours but stay aligned and cohesive so they move towards the average heading of neighbours and the average position.

A developer in the Western Cape of South Africa by the moniker Psi has developed a simple simulator to test simulation related algorithms for his game engine. Written in C++ and using OpenGL, it has a simple UI and displays them in 2.5D (ie not full 3D).

PS Marking underway of Contest 46 is underway and I should have it done by Thursday or Friday

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