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Where Does Open Source Comes From?

By January 28, 2010

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The popular image is that of an unpaid army of open source coders working feverishly at home on their projects. If you're like me holding down a full-time job (plus writing for About.com), any spare time must be carefully shepherded for writing code. It isn't easy as I find writing and testing code takes a few hours. I can't just fit in the odd half hour here and there for writing and testing code, so I use it for planning.

Anyway, according to lwn.net (Linuix Weekly News- excellent place) an analysis of code checked into the Linux Kernel during 2009 revealed that there were 2.8 millions lines of code with 55,000 major changes during that period. Most tellingly though was only 18% of that code came from individuals, and 75% came from companies like Red Hat, Intel, IBM, Novell and Oracle. The remaining 7% is unknown. For Linux which is vital to many of these large organizations, it's a no brainer to have it worked on full time. So I guess that it's all the smaller projects where individuals are really to be found.

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