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Adobe weaves some Alchemy

By November 19, 2008

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I've mentioned them in the past because they're not just into Flash but C/C++ as well. As a bit of an experiment through Adobe Labs are providing Alchemy, a technology to compile C/C++ into ActionScript 3.0 as a SWF (A native Flash application file) that runs under Flash 10. If you have computation intensive code that doesn't use the underlying Operating System then it's ideal. They give examples such as video/audio transcoding,parsing XML, cryptography, physics libraries etc. The benefits of doing this is that C/C++ code can be more optimized and faster to run than normally compiled AS3 (ActionScript 3.0) code..

To get you going they've provided sample code for Ogg/Vorbis and AS3 Crypto libraries which provide C glue to let you use those libraries from C/C++. Note that you will have to upgrade to Flash Player 10 to try out Alchemy.

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